Equipping workplace managers to handle any storm

New Covid health concerns around the new omicron variant have quickly thrust workplace leaders into another new wave of learning, innovating, and adapting. They’ve become pretty good at it so far and those using Kadence are ready for any storm that may approach. Yet for those still on the search for a solution, managing teams and spaces within their organizations, as well as implementing new processes that are future proof can very quickly become too much. 

Alongside this, the inevitable added uncertainty of omicron is another new strain on the mental health and well-being of both employers and employees which is sadly often overlooked.  Leaders need help with simple tools that make an instant difference which is exactly why companies are turning to Kadence. 

Here are some features workplace leaders can use now to help break the endless cycle of employee loneliness and bring their people back safely to re-connect with their office community, collaborate with their teammates, and thrive in their work.

Easy access team schedules – To help your people connect



To help break the habit of employee loneliness, Kadence gives you the context you need to help you bring your teams together easily. In one overview see when and where employees are working and see who they’re working with. Find out more about our people coordination solution

Self-certify to keep employees safe – So everyone has peace of mind


Allow employees to self-certify before checking in to their reserved spaces from 1hr, 2hrs, or 24hrs of their arrival and prevent employees from checking in if they have not self-certified. Set the parameters your people need to keep them safe. Check out this post to learn how to bring your team back together safely in the new year.

Manage office traffic efficiently – So your teams can collaborate in a safe space


Block out particular spaces or neighborhoods to implement social distance space booking for added safety. Book different teams in for certain days or times of the week to avoid too much cross-over and repeat any bookings you like to keep up with regular team connection. 

Find out more about our desk scheduling & room scheduling solutions