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The Evolution of the Kadence Platform
Helen Attia
Kadence helps companies manage their office space and coordinate team schedules
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It’s been a busy few years for us at Kadence!

Since first embarking on our mission to support companies navigating the complexity of hybrid work, we are proud to say we’ve come a long, long way.

In the last year and a half alone, we’ve introduced a suite of features that take the Kadence offering far beyond simple desk booking and allocation. We strongly believe our product today is head and shoulders above other hybrid work tools, and we are committed to keep growing in the right direction.

In order to support that growth in the most sustainable way, we have decided to increase our prices — for the first time ever. This move ensures we are in the best possible place to continue providing you with the highest level of hybrid work software out there.

In case you missed it, here’s are the highlights of what we’ve introduced to the Kadence suite in the last year:

1. Smart Suggestions

If you’re reading this now — you almost certainly know how messy the day-to-day of hybrid work can get (especially when left unmanaged!).

With so many overlapping schedules, work preferences and spontaneous plan changes, it can seem impossible to manage the movement of your people between home office and your physical workspaces. Let alone ensure that everyone stays happy and productive as they move around.

That’s why we introduced our groundbreaking AI-driven Smart Suggestions.

Smart Suggestions give your employees an invaluable partner in managing their complex schedules. With timely recommendations for desk booking based on your unique preferences and starred colleagues, Smart Suggestions help your teams make meaningful decisions about where and how they get their work done.

Gone are the days of catching the bus into town and hoping for the right spot in the office. Smart Suggestions ensure your people never waste their commutes — giving them all the context they need to make beneficial decisions about why, and with who, they come into the office.

Kadence Smart Suggestions
2. Team Kadences

In our mission to help companies coordinate their teams more effectively than ever, last year we came on leaps and bounds by launching Team Kadences.

The feature helps individual teams plan their time in the office with a seamless booking flow to set one-off or recurring in-person days. Administrators can also set suggested days for each of their departments — encouraging quality face-to-face time on a regular basis.

At Kadence we understand that hybrid work is about people at its core. While remote work has great benefits, the value of in-person communication and collaboration is still indisputable.

Team Kadences are there to help your team members reap the benefits of face-to-face work — without any of the hassle.

Kadence Office Neighborhoods Schedule
3. Kadence Flex

If you’re a business leader or manager, you’ll most likely be facing fundamental questions about your physical workspaces. Are you occupying too much unused space? Or do you need more, to cater for your growing workforce?

Earlier this year we launched a feature that sent ripples through the world of hybrid work software. We partnered with Liquidspace to give our customers access to a global network of on-demand flexible workspaces.

Kadence Flex goes far beyond anything we’ve ever done before. Now, when one of your employees opens Kadence as usual, they have the possibility of booking a space in thousands of on-demand workspaces worldwide — and coordinating with colleagues who may live nearby.

We understand that the modern workforce is distributed by definition. That’s exactly why we’re so excited about Kadence Flex. Your distributed employees now have the opportunity to feel like they have a “home away from home” — and the ability to meet up with team members who are in a similar position.

The result? More collaboration, more often — and a more productive workforce.

A Kadence Flex illustration that shows you where you can find a space to work.
4. Announcements

Keeping your employees in the loop about routine or even urgent company updates can get tiring.

Our recently introduced feature Announcements gives you a centralized place to manage all of your outgoing announcements, ensuring your team members are always kept up to date with what’s going on.

Save yourself the nuisance of buried Slack messages and unread emails and manage all of your most important communication directly from Kadence.

5. Space Management Insights

Understanding how your workspace is utilized is key to making informed decisions about your office layout and usage. Especially when you are already looking for ways to cut down on your real estate overheads!

Our Space Management Insights, introduced last year, provide detailed analytics on occupancy rates, peak usage times, and underutilized areas. With this data at your fingertips, you can optimize your workspace, ensure resources are allocated efficiently, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the overall work environment.

These insights not only help in maximizing space usage but also play a crucial role in planning for future workspace needs and adjustments, ensuring that your office environment is always aligned with your team’s requirements.

Space Management data and insights help drive team productivity

We couldn’t be more excited to continue building for the future of work, and we’re thrilled that you’re on board with us for the journey.

If you’d like more information about our price increases and how they will affect you, please get in touch with your customer service representative, or send us an email at pricing@kadence.co

From all of us at Kadence — thanks for trusting us with your hybrid work journey.

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