How Five Good Friends cut office costs by 15%How Five Good Friends cut office costs by 15%
The great thing about Kadence is that it doesn’t need a team of people to manage your bookings. After you set the initial parameters during setup, Kadence manages all of your bookings behind the scenes.
Anthony Mitropoulos
Manager - ICT, Data & Facilities
Challenge: "Existing system lacked organization"

In the era of hybrid transformation, efficient office management systems are crucial for optimizing productivity and workspace utilization. Five Good Friends a charity organization based in Australia that came on board with 80 users as a pilot and quickly tripled their usage within a few months.


Towards the end of 2023, their previous office lease was coming to an end, the team was on the market for a new space. As they started looking for a new office, they were aware of two key constraints:


1. Their strict non-profit budget limited their choice of office spaces


2. A downsized office space would require a more efficient space management system to accommodate their staff



Before discovering Kadence, the company relied on Calendly for desk management. However, the team quickly realized the system had inherent limitations and was not going to be a feasible solution in the long run:


Unregulated bookings: With no proper space management tools in place, recurring calendar events resulted in duplicated bookings, leading to desk shortages and administrative chaos.


Lack of visibility: Only admins could access the portal to see who was booked in, resulting in a lack of visibility for staff members.


Inefficient usage reporting: There was no easy way to track who had come to the office or how spaces are being used.


The company commenced preparations for its office reopening and began exploring options for a desk booking system. The first solution they came across was Kadence, they promptly implemented the platform, which went live within weeks.

The existing system was overwhelming, time-consuming, and lacked organization. The ICT Team bore the responsibility of managing desk bookings, impacting overall productivity and office organization.
Results: Substantial savings of 15% on office space expenses

With support from Kadence, they observed a significant boost in productivity with the implementation of a streamlined space booking process that supported their teams. The implementation of Kadence yielded measurable results:

  • 250+ Kadence active users
  • 7,647+ total bookings made over four months
  • 44% MoM growth in space bookings
  • 70% reduction in booking conflicts


Using insights from Kadence, this has helped the team to make informed decisions on how their spaces were used for the very first time. This led to a 70% reduction in booking conflicts after using Kadence, which ensured maximum desk availability for onsite staff. With a downsized office and more efficient use of their new space, this has also resulted in substantial savings of 15% on office space expenses for the organization. 

Solution: Modernized System for Space Optimization


The teams are excited to gain insight into their offices and the ability to book a desk wherever they are – encouraging teams come together at the right times, and for the right reasons. They also get alerts and notifications when someone cancels their booking, enabling them to decide whether they want to reschedule and save themselves a commute.


Kadence’s simple, user-friendly interface made the whole RTO roll-out a breeze for the ICT & Facilities team. They observed a 44% monthly growth in space bookings consistently, coupled with an average of 5-6 bookings per employee each month, indicating people are coming in to the office regularly on a weekly basis for meetings and collaboration.


The implementation of Kadence also brought about significant improvements for the IT & facilities team:

  • Streamlined IT Operations: Kadence automated desk booking management, significantly reducing the administrative burden on the ICT Team.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Facilities team were able to gain complete visibility on desk / room occupancy, enabling better workspace planning.
  • Boost desk and room availability: Staff members were able to receive notifications about desk cancellations, improving overall operational efficiency to boost space availability to make the space work for the team.

Kadence led to a 70% reduction in booking conflicts, and resulted in substantial savings of 15% on office space expenses!

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