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Kadence x LiquidSpace: A New Era of Flexible Working
Jamie Addis
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What do you get if you combine Kadence with a global network of on-demand office spaces for flexible working?

You get the world’s most exciting hybrid work integration — otherwise known as Kadence x LiquidSpace.

Here’s the lowdown on what our partnership means for flexible hybrid work worldwide.

Access flexible working spaces straight from your hybrid work platform

Our new partnership with LiquidSpace helps you coordinate your distributed teams and cut down on unnecessary real estate costs.

With the Kadence x LiquidSpace integration, you can:

  • Instantly book LiquidSpace co-working spaces straight from your Kadence dashboard
  • Get an overview of how your teams are using both your office spaces and flexible workspaces
  • Enable teams to coordinate and meet up in person all over the world, at a moment’s notice
  • Cut down your real estate costs by seeing in-depth data and metrics on office usage

What is LiquidSpace? LiquidSpace is a platform that brings together the best on-demand workspaces from around the world. With LiquidSpace, you can find the perfect workspaces for the team and manage everything from the same place.

No more hybrid workspace headaches

At Kadence, we deeply understand our customers’ challenges when it comes to managing hybrid workspaces. Either you’re in over your head trying to coordinate a distributed workforce, or you struggle to provide enough space for rapidly growing teams.

Kadence x LiquidSpace addresses these challenges by giving you a handy new flexible work arrangement. Team members can now simply choose from one of the thousands of on-demand office spaces that make the most sense for them. Forcing employees to take a long commute into the office for team meetings is a thing of the past!

With Kadence, you can also see your colleagues’ differing schedules and co-working plans — and coordinate with them for spontaneous in-person collaboration.

Teams spread all around the globe now have a way to meet locally without any hassle.

“In the past people were predictable, and spaces were static. Now, spaces are flexible, and people are unpredictable. That’s why we created the hybrid operating system that helps people be intentional with how they get their work done, and navigate all the complexities of hybrid.”
Dan Bladen
CEO & Co-Founder, Kadence
Flexible working impacts the bottom line

The best part about the Kadence x LiquidSpace integration? It’s flexible by design. Nobody is forcing you to decide when you opt for in-person work.

Kadence is the hybrid operating platform prompting you when colleagues have booked spaces near you. LiquidSpace provides flexible hybrid workspace options for collaboration to happen — but only when it makes sense for you and your schedule.

The result is more than ease and convenience. In today’s world of work, the benefits of flexible working for employers can be the difference between success and failure.

By ensuring your teams have access to on-demand workspaces and regular collaboration, Kadence x LiquidSpace helps boost your team’s productivity. By providing in-depth insights and metrics about how frequently and well-attended your office space and flexible workspaces are, the integration empowers managers to downsize permanent spaces and cut down on unnecessary office leases.

Flexible work will have a profound impact on your business’s bottom line.

“This partnership will be an absolute game changer to empower our teams with the autonomy and flexibility to choose how, when, and where they work to be their most successful.”
Jeff Gwinnett
Senior Director, Workplace Experience & Sustainability, Softchoice
A new era of flexible working

Our partnership with LiquidSpace leads hybrid organizations into a new era of flexible working.

From small startups looking to scale to multinational enterprises looking for ways to be smarter about their office usage — Kadence x LiquidSpace solves key problems that you may be facing about your people and spaces.

It’s a groundbreaking integration of our hybrid operating platform with a global on-demand office space network — redefining what flexibility means for your workforce.

For more information on how Kadence x LiquidSpace works, see it in action here.

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