Introducing new Employee Directory for a more connected workplace

More and more restrictions are being lifted globally as more people return to the places they know and love to collaborate with their teammates on certain days of the week. With that in mind, our latest release boasts a full suite of highly-requested features to help people gain further company-wide access to their colleagues’ information and schedules.

Access to everyone’s schedule

An obvious evolution in giving hybrid workplaces the right tools they need to be productive means granting all employees access to anyone’s profile within the company. Conceptually this is quite simple, but what if you needed to connect with someone on an upcoming project who was not in your direct team? 

Our employee directory not only houses an A – Z list of everyone that works at the company but it also stores a wealth of contextual information catalogued within each individual profile. As a result of this feature, anyone can access anyone’s schedule, teams, and contact details for anything they need, all within user profiles accessible through our new employee directory. Now employees can be productive with the right people. One more giant leap for hybrid work! 

Building deeper connections

Now that it is understood that it is our people who power the workplace (not the other way around), building a truly connected people force is paramount to work success – employee directory does just that. By giving employees an access-all-areas pass for your people, it empowers everyone to connect with who they need to without workplace obstacles or restrictions.

In the old ways of working, when everyone was in the office at the same time, you could just wander over to the 5th floor to find Jimmy in the engineering team. Yet now, in a hybrid world, who’s to say that Jimmy’s going to be in the office when you are? Now with the employee directory, you can find colleagues like Jimmy who are perhaps not on your team, tap on their profile to find out their schedule and where they’ve booked to work, so you can plan to be in the office at the same time to connect face to face.

How it works?

  1. Log in on the Kadence mobile app or desktop platform and select the ‘Directory’ tab.
  2. Here you will find your teams and a tab named ‘Colleagues’.
  3. Select ‘Colleagues’ to view a full list of employees at your company using Kadence.
  4. Select any colleague you wish and view their profiles to find what you need.