Kadence 2.0: The next phase of hybrid working

March 7, 2022

‘You can’t put people in a box’ – it’s one of the resounding phrases we often think about at Kadence. A gentle yet constant reminder to ourselves to build products that empower people to really thrive in their work. 

For too long many people have operated within restrictive parameters in their work which sadly for many has hindered their true potential to be really great in it. Of course as humans we like processes and familiarity in our work yet we’ve been awakened to a whole new way of getting work done. Companies have realized that the trust and autonomy they gave to their employees during the pandemic breathed a freshness into company culture and their people produced the goods as a result.  



Now that teams are chomping at the bit to return to the office to collaborate with their teammates face-to-face, wouldn’t it be a wise move to try and make that happen?

Whether you’re looking for a quick fix to solve a current problem, or you’re looking to future-proof your office for hybrid working, Kadence has the platform you need to guide you through the obvious complexities of hybrid work. 

Discover our new solutions below, or chat with one of our teams today to find out how we can help bring your teams back together! 

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