How Device Charging is Changing Guest Experience in Hospitality Report

Revealed: Your customers rely on their phones more than ever

  • Almost two thirds of survey respondents want to charge their devices at hotels, cafes, restaurants or bars with some frequency
  • Nearly half of customers are more likely to stay longer and order more if they can charge their device
  • 15% of customers have left an establishment because they couldn’t charge their device
  • One in five 18 – 44 years olds have left a hotel, café, restaurant or bar because they couldn’t charge their device there
  • 17% of customers have spent money at a venue simply so they could access power
  • Over one in ten customers want to charge their device at a hotel, cafe, restaurant or bar every day

Our full report gives you a detailed review of these results, and segments the findings by region and age demographics. Input from hospitality technology experts puts the research into context, and explains how these insights can be applied practically at your venue, with real-world results increasing footfall, guest experience and revenue.

We also look in-depth at the rise of wireless charging, how customers are responding to it and the opportunities that businesses have to adopt this technology early and reap the guest experience benefits.

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