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Former WeWork executive Shaun Ritchie joins Kadence
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Heavyweight ‘workplace experience’ pioneer to boost tech firm’s growth trajectory

San Francisco and London, April 22, 2021 Kadence, the hybrid workplace specialist, today welcomes former WeWork executive Shaun Ritchie as a board advisor to further drive adoption of its new hybrid-working software platform.

Headshot photo of former WeWork executive Shaun Ritchie

After co-founding the workplace experience platform Teem in 2013, Shaun oversaw the company’s growth as it became a market leader, and helped establish this new category of enterprise software. The company was acquired by flexible workplace disruptor WeWork, in 2018.

During his tenure as Chief Workplace Experience Officer at WeWork, Shaun helped to define the modern vision of flexible, people-focused work patterns and spaces.

Shaun Ritchie comments: “Our working patterns and locations have been evolving for some time now. By taking an employee-first, rather than space-first, perspective, Kadence is at the forefront of tech that supports the emergent hybrid working model. Productivity and wellbeing increasingly hinges on successfully navigating and managing the balance between home and office working.”

Dan Bladen Co-Founder and CEO at Kadence said: “Organizations across the globe are reimagining where, when and how their people work. Recent data* suggests  nearly 70% of companies are considering changes within the office to accommodate the shift in demand for hybrid work, while the majority of employees want to keep flexible working but are also seeking more face-to-face collaboration post-pandemic.

“Clearly, managing and planning the hybrid working environment is rapidly becoming an issue for the leadership teams of organizations across the globe. Done right, it has the potential to unlock significant engagement and performance gains. We’re committed to helping our customers maintain these vital in-person connections.”

Kadence’s technology helps companies harness the potential of healthy hybrid working patterns by optimizing and coordinating home and office balance. Kadence Wx provides the new operating system for flexible work, enabling employees to realize their full potential, unburdened from the arrangements and coordination around collaborative face-to-face work.

We are also excited to have Shaun Ritchie and Neal Piliavin join us on a webinar to discuss the new challenges workplace leaders face and the critical success factors for a happy hybrid workforce.

Watch the webinar here

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