Introducing Desk Booking For Microsoft Teams

What would it look like to use your favorite tools in one place without having to switch between applications? A tool where you were able to connect with your team, see when they’re going to be in the office, book desks and rooms, invite guests, and understand how spaces are being used? To make hybrid work even easier for you and your people, we decided it was best to bring Kadence to the tools you and your team already know and use. 

We’re announcing our new desk booking integration with Microsoft Teams; available to all of our users at no extra cost. Read on to discover how this changes everything!

Manage your desk bookings without ever leaving MS Teams

Using one platform for all of your work and communications, without having to go between different applications makes sense right? We thought so too. Surveys have shown that up to 56% of workers find switching between different apps keeps them from being productive,  and over 67% of people would like to have all of their tools within a single window

With the new Microsoft Teams desk booking integration, users can continue to coordinate their teams fully, and their desks and rooms in all of the ways they could before, yet this time, it’s all in one place within MS Teams.

Microsoft Teams desk booking
Book desks and rooms all inside Microsoft Teams desk booking software

Full Microsoft integration makes room booking easy with Outlook 

Team meetings often lead to brilliant ideas, and Kadence’s MS Teams integration makes this even more possible. Booking a room through Outlook calendar isn’t just easy, but it makes the best use of everyone’s time all in one click.

Simply go to your Outlook calendar within Teams, create a new event, and choose an available room. Not only does this show up in Kadence so you can keep a close eye on space usage, but you can also make conference room bookings in Kadence, and see them within Outlook. A perfect partnership of platforms that makes meeting room booking a piece of cake!

Microsoft Teams room booking
Find and book available conference rooms through Outlook Calendar

Better usage data with check-in notifications in one place

Over a third of workers are overwhelmed with a bombardment of notifications and emails from all the different tools they use. This usually means employees tend to ignore these reminders and forget to check into or cancel their bookings, resulting in poor space usage tracking, and wasted bookings. So we decided to do something about that.

Since MS Teams is the platform of choice for many organizations to receive reminders, we thought we’d make it even easier, and less intrusive to merge all Kadence bookings, visitor, and check-in reminders within Microsoft Teams too. By slotting all communication into one centralized location, not only are your employees more likely to respond and check into their desk bookings, but you will be able to gain more accurate usage data as a result.

Microsoft teams desk booking
Never miss a check in again with instant smart notifications from Kadence

Reserve desks or rooms for you or your team

Whether you’re wanting to book a room for a last-minute team briefing, or you want to book a desk for your teammates on a particular day ahead of time, Kadence not only makes it easy for you to schedule your team day but also ensures you have the right desks or rooms booked.

Now within the MS Teams app users can reserve a desk or room with all the right amenities they need, and for the right amount of people, they plan on being there. Admins can also create dynamic neighborhoods, and allocate specific teams to particular neighborhoods on the days of the week they choose, whether for now or ahead of time, all with MS Teams.

Microsoft Teams desk booking
Assign spaces to your teams and schedule them throughout the week

Connect with your team by knowing who’s working where

Other solutions simply do not work in the way that real people do, and the very nature of hybrid working means that the ability to just book spaces isn’t the only answer. Employees want to come into the office to connect with their colleagues, and for that to happen they need a tool to show them their employee’s schedules so they can see who is working when, and where

With MS Teams, users can see their teammate’s schedules ahead of time, making it easier to decide what days they plan to go into the office. Users can also see where their teammates are sitting on the interactive office floor map using the employee locator and book a desk nearby.

Kadence and Microsoft Teams
Discover where your teammates are working so you can book available spaces nearby on the interactive office floorplan

Get started: Desk booking for Microsoft Teams

Coordinating your spaces, and your people is hard enough, and managing all of that on multiple platforms makes everyone’s job much harder. As if there’s not enough to think about already!

At Kadence, we understand the importance of making hybrid work easy for its users, helping them focus on the things that really matter. Combining all of the tools your team uses into one seamless application not only makes sense but makes managing your hybrid workplace a great experience.

Interested in getting started with desk booking for Microsoft Teams? Get in touch with our team for a quick demo or download Kadence straight from Microsoft. 


How do I create a desk booking system in Microsoft Teams?

Check out the Microsoft Teams Setup Guide, or watch our tutorial video to see how it works.

What is desk booking in Microsoft Teams?

With Microsoft Teams desk booking integration, users can book desks and conference rooms directly from the MS Teams app. Desk and room bookings can be edited or cancelled all within the same interface.