How to enable hybrid working in non-profit organisations

The not-for-profit sector has embraced the hybrid model, but this way of working is also a first for many of us. Kadence hosted a conversation with guests in the not-for-profit sector who have been on the hybrid journey for some time to share their learnings. In this webinar, we touched on the challenges and benefits of enabling hybrid working in this post-covid era, including:

  • The things to consider when creating your hybrid working policy
  • How to justify the spend and create a budget around hybrid working
  • How to continuously iterate and optimise your hybrid working model


What are the key things to consider when creating your hybrid working policy?

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How can organisations approach hybrid working that caters for everybody?

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How did your organisation address equality between people working from home vs in the office?

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Gone are the days when we will all willingly make our way into the office at the same time, on the same days, with the same people, in the same spaces. The key to getting people back into the office is to move past ‘return to work’ schedules and refocus on finding the ‘rhythm’ of work in and out of the office that works for your individuals, teams and the wider organisation; intentional time in and out.

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