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October 4, 2021

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil our refreshed brand Kadence.



We’re on a mission to calm the chaos of hybrid working and help companies find their rhythm again. Providing the tools they need to get a good balance of in person and remote working, so everyone can enjoy the trust and choice that comes with flexible working. We help to power a more positive way of working in a strong people first culture, in which everyone is able to do their best work. Hear more from our CEO about our vision for Kadence:


We believe the way we work should lift us up, not lock us in.

That’s why we’re building next generation tools for a new era of work – designed to unleash everyone’s full potential. We’re doing this by providing the context required to create the best possible conditions for productivity – at home, in person, or on the go – so hybrid can be embraced, without the hassle. 

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