Introducing Advanced Features for Desk Management Efficiency

Let’s get straight to the point. In today’s hybrid work environment, flexible hot-desk booking and the use of Desk Management Tools have emerged as a crucial tool for teams to collaborate effectively.

It provides an efficient way for teams to organize in-person meetings and brainstorming sessions, while simultaneously enabling Office Managers to optimize the use of office spaces.

In essence, it has completely revolutionized the way hybrid teams operate, making the logistics of office management significantly simpler and more streamlined.

Given the importance of such a tool, we’re excited to announce that we’ve taken Desk Booking to entirely new heights.

Our team has been working tirelessly to enhance its features, and the result is a more robust, user-friendly solution that will make the lives of Office Managers even easier.

Whether it’s overseeing the use of office spaces or coordinating team meetings, our improved Desk Booking Software is designed to handle it all with the utmost efficiency.

Create Maximum Booking Durations
Kadence's Desk Booking Details

Make exclusive areas of the office more available

Do you know those frequently visited areas in your office? The ones that are always buzzing with activity, filled with an assortment of snacks and surrounded by the latest trendy office furniture? It can often be quite a challenge to find available slots in these spaces because they’re almost always completely booked.

But, there’s good news!

You can now implement Maximum Booking Durations.

This function ensures that everyone within your office has an equal opportunity to make bookings in these highly sought-after areas, fostering a sense of fairness and inclusivity.

Stay compliant with health and safety regulations

And while we’re on the topic of trendy office furniture, let’s talk about ‘leaning stools’ and ‘high seats’. They may be stylish, but have you ever thought about how long your employees are sitting on them? Whatever the seating may be, prolonged use could potentially lead to health issues, and that’s where our new feature comes in handy.

With Maximum Booking Durations, you can limit the time your employees spend on these seats, helping you not only maintain a trendy office but also comply with health and safety regulations.

This way, your office remains a place of comfort, productivity, and safety.

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Set limits on how much you can book
An example of a warning on kadenc for booking too many spaces at once.

Make more spaces available by reducing over-booking

When it comes to the topic of exclusive areas within the office space, have you ever experienced a situation where a desk appears to be available, but in reality, it’s already been reserved by another colleague?

Perhaps your team managers are booking multiple desks on behalf of their teammates which tends to be quite common in hybrid workplaces.

Now, office managers have a solution to this problem. They can Limit Concurrent Bookings ensuring that their teams are not over-booking desks that aren’t required.

It’s a smart way of preventing individuals from booking multiple desks on behalf of their teammates who may not even turn up to the office.

By doing this, you can make sure that everyone in the office who truly requires a workspace will get one.

Get more accurate space usage data

Over-booked desks can also play havoc with your data. When desks are booked on behalf of teammates who may or may not show up, there’s no way of knowing how your spaces are actually being used.

Thats why placing a Limit on Concurrent Bookings is so important. It helps enforce the right procedures for booking desks, leading to accurate space usage data, and maximum desk management efficiency.

Kadence Flex: The Benefits of Access to Flexible Work Spaces Worldwide

In today’s world of work, managing Flexible Work Spaces can lead to a headache or two.

Whether a small startup or a multinational enterprise, you’re probably wrestling with the same questions: How do I provide space for a growing workforce? How do I coordinate a distributed team? Can I justify this long office lease?

Some companies have tackled these questions by going fully remote. But for those of us who value face-to-face collaboration, that’s not an option.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Kadence Flex: a one-stop solution for flexible workspaces, all from within your hybrid operating platform.

Coordinate your teams with flexible work spaces

The flexibility offered by hybrid work is liberating, but it can also feel disorienting.

When colleagues are scattered around different cities and countries, in-person time can be hard to come by. Teamwork and productivity can suffer as a result.

Kadence Flex partners with LiquidSpace to offer you thousands of co-working spaces all around the globe. Your teams now have the option to book co-working spaces near them and coordinate in-office days with colleagues ahead of time.

With flexible desk booking included within Kadence Flex, your teammates can simply choose which flexible workspaces work for them, and book a physical spot right away. You’ll even be notified when relevant colleagues have booked a flex workspace. No need to miss out on quality in-person work.

Kadence Flex even helps you schedule recurring team days in co-working office spaces that are accessible to everyone. Say goodbye to those awkward Thursday Marketing meetings on Zoom — it turns out your team has booked a room at a flexible office instead.

Bringing your employees into the office used to be a challenge. Now, with easy access to countless flexible workspaces — it’s a given.

Easily manage your distributed workforce with flex workspaces

A distributed workforce is a beautiful thing, but it comes with its challenges. Spontaneous co-working between colleagues can be handy, but it’s hardly a solution for the long term.

Kadence Flex helps your teams get together more often than ever, in thousands of co-working office spaces worldwide.

With an overview of company offices and flexible offices near you, you can see exactly when and where your team is choosing to work. This enables your employees to get their best work done with the right people, in the right places.

Are colleagues constantly on the move? There’s no need to sacrifice collaboration. No matter where your team works, they will still have easy access to thousands of flexible coworking spaces.

From new hires onboarding together in Lisbon to operational all-hands in London, let your team connect and collaborate with more frequency than ever.

Kadence Flex gives you all the information you need to make desk and room bookings in flexible offices that make sense for you and your team.

Cut down real estate costs with flexible offices

In tough financial conditions, controlling real estate costs is crucial for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Kadence Flex gives you access to comprehensive booking data and attendance metrics across both company offices and on-demand flexible workspaces. It’s a centralized platform that offers full visibility into how you use your own office or on-demand coworking office, allowing for data-driven decisions.

Whether it’s identifying underused locations or scaling up in areas of high demand, Kadence Flex offers you the insights you need to tailor your office space to your actual business needs.

Kadence Flex also aligns seamlessly with your hybrid policy. By analyzing usage patterns of offices and flexible workspaces, you can adapt your strategy to ensure that your workforce is productive and engaged.

This level of adaptability not only cuts down on unnecessary real estate expenses but also contributes to a more dynamic and responsive work environment.

Instant access to flexible office spaces will help you stay lean in the long run.

A new era of workspace flexibility

The flexibility and adaptability required to manage a modern workforce can be overwhelming. We hope we’ve persuaded you that Kadence Flex is a worthy partner in your journey to fully flexible work.

It’s not just about offering flex workspaces or enabling hybrid work. It’s about redefining how we think about and make use of our work environments.

With Kadence Flex, you can choose flexible workspaces that suit your needs. Whether it’s coordinating team meetings in convenient locations, booking a desk in a city you’re visiting for a week, or simply finding a quiet flexible office space for focused work, Kadence Flex makes it all possible.

Then there’s that office lease. Kadence Flex helps you make smarter decisions about office space investments, ensuring that every square foot is used to its maximum potential. Why pay for space you’re not using? Simply integrate flexible workspaces into your workflow and see your real estate costs plummet.

Kadence Flex is more than a tool—it’s a new approach to how we work.

If you’re interested to see it in action or understand more about Kadence, we’d love to hear from you.

Go flexible!

Kadence x LiquidSpace: A New Era of Flexible Working

What do you get if you combine Kadence with a global network of on-demand office spaces for flexible working?

You get the world’s most exciting hybrid work integration — otherwise known as Kadence x LiquidSpace.

Here’s the lowdown on what our partnership means for flexible hybrid work worldwide.

Access flexible working spaces straight from your hybrid work platform

Our new partnership with LiquidSpace helps you coordinate your distributed teams and cut down on unnecessary real estate costs.

With the Kadence x LiquidSpace integration, you can:

  • Instantly book LiquidSpace co-working spaces straight from your Kadence dashboard
  • Get an overview of how your teams are using both your office spaces and flexible workspaces
  • Enable teams to coordinate and meet up in person all over the world, at a moment’s notice
  • Cut down your real estate costs by seeing in-depth data and metrics on office usage

What is LiquidSpace? LiquidSpace is a platform that brings together the best on-demand workspaces from around the world. With LiquidSpace, you can find the perfect workspaces for the team and manage everything from the same place.

No more hybrid workspace headaches

At Kadence, we deeply understand our customers’ challenges when it comes to managing hybrid workspaces. Either you’re in over your head trying to coordinate a distributed workforce, or you struggle to provide enough space for rapidly growing teams.

Kadence x LiquidSpace addresses these challenges by giving you a handy new flexible work arrangement. Team members can now simply choose from one of the thousands of on-demand office spaces that make the most sense for them. Forcing employees to take a long commute into the office for team meetings is a thing of the past!

With Kadence, you can also see your colleagues’ differing schedules and co-working plans — and coordinate with them for spontaneous in-person collaboration.

Teams spread all around the globe now have a way to meet locally without any hassle.

“In the past people were predictable, and spaces were static. Now, spaces are flexible, and people are unpredictable. That’s why we created the hybrid operating system that helps people be intentional with how they get their work done, and navigate all the complexities of hybrid.”
Dan Bladen
CEO & Co-Founder, Kadence
Flexible working impacts the bottom line

The best part about the Kadence x LiquidSpace integration? It’s flexible by design. Nobody is forcing you to decide when you opt for in-person work.

Kadence is the hybrid operating platform prompting you when colleagues have booked spaces near you. LiquidSpace provides flexible hybrid workspace options for collaboration to happen — but only when it makes sense for you and your schedule.

The result is more than ease and convenience. In today’s world of work, the benefits of flexible working for employers can be the difference between success and failure.

By ensuring your teams have access to on-demand workspaces and regular collaboration, Kadence x LiquidSpace helps boost your team’s productivity. By providing in-depth insights and metrics about how frequently and well-attended your office space and flexible workspaces are, the integration empowers managers to downsize permanent spaces and cut down on unnecessary office leases.

Flexible work will have a profound impact on your business’s bottom line.

“This partnership will be an absolute game changer to empower our teams with the autonomy and flexibility to choose how, when, and where they work to be their most successful.”
Jeff Gwinnett
Senior Director, Workplace Experience & Sustainability, Softchoice
A new era of flexible working

Our partnership with LiquidSpace leads hybrid organizations into a new era of flexible working.

From small startups looking to scale to multinational enterprises looking for ways to be smarter about their office usage — Kadence x LiquidSpace solves key problems that you may be facing about your people and spaces.

It’s a groundbreaking integration of our hybrid operating platform with a global on-demand office space network — redefining what flexibility means for your workforce.

For more information on how Kadence x LiquidSpace works, see it in action here.

How to Instantly Book Flexible Workspace with Kadence Flex

The world of work demands flexibility. Whether you’re a scaling start-up looking for flexible workspace options, or you’re an established company with a distributed workforce — you’ll be more than familiar with the challenge of providing adequate physical space for your teams.

Kadence Flex is our game-changing solution for companies looking for instant access to office spaces worldwide. We’ve partnered with LiquidSpace to combine the power of our Hybrid Operating Platform with a global network of on-demand office spaces.

Here’s how to start making the most out of Kadence Flex.

Start Booking On-Demand Flex Spaces

Kadence Flex offers a treasure trove of fantastic office space options where you are. Whether you’re looking for something short term, long term, or even by the hour, Kadence Flex has what you’re looking for.

Grab Hot Desks & Meeting Rooms for the Time You Need

With Kadence Flex, you have instant access to hot desks and meeting rooms in thousands of flexible work locations worldwide. Simply set up your requirements for a hot desk or meeting room, including location, date, and time. You can then select between both company-owned and on-demand flex spaces, and opt for a one-off or recurring booking. Enjoy a hassle-free experience for securing the right space at the right time.

Stay in Control of Your Office Space Budget

Say goodbye to office management headaches. Kadence Flex allows you to manage your spending on office spaces effectively. You can now control budgets for flex space booking across departments, while locations can be selected based on cost considerations and proximity to central offices.

Book Flexible Office Spaces for You and Your Team Members

The number one reason why you plan to go to the office is to meet with your team. It’s what makes your commute to the office worthwhile and it keeps you connected with your team and your company at large. With Kadence Flex, you’re able to coordinate plans with your team ahead of time making it easy to meet up in the right place, and at the right times.

See Where Your Teammates Are Working

Kadence Flex makes coordinating with your teammates easier than ever. See which locations are most popular and quickly track where your teammates are planning to work. Whether they’re in the office, or a flexible workspace, you can join them at a moment’s notice. Enjoy the benefits of teamwork and effective in-person collaboration!

Follow Your Favorite Teammates for Smart Booking Suggestions

Kadence Flex also helps you keep tabs on your favorite teammates and their office schedules, helping you plan in-person collaboration more effectively. Get regular alerts about their booking activities, including new bookings or cancellations, and coordinate your schedule with theirs. Kadence will also send you smart booking suggestions so you never miss an opportunity for meaningful face-to-face collaboration.

Set Up Regular In-Person Team Days

What about setting up regular in-person meetings or team days? With Team Kadences, you can easily select a day, regularity, and location that suits everyone. This flexibility allows you to choose the most convenient space for all team members, whether it’s a central office or an on-demand location, ensuring your team days are as productive and collaborative as possible.

Analyze Team Bookings and Office Spend

Two of your company’s most important assets are your people and your spaces. You want your people to thrive in their work but you also want to shed underused office space costs so you can invest extra savings into things that matter. With Kadence Flex you’re not only able to facilitate your teams with the spaces they need locally but you also get the hard data you need to determine how your spaces are used.

Understand How Your Company Offices Are Utilized

Kadence’s office space management software provides a comprehensive view of all employee booking data and attendance metrics. Through Kadence Flex, you’ll find data on office occupancy for your offices and flexible workspaces, as well as insights into room booking and desk booking.

Get Data on the Flex Spaces Your Teams Use the Most

Kadence Flex helps give you information about which office spaces and flex spaces are most frequented by your team. This enables you to make informed decisions on whether to cut down your real estate or invest more in certain locations.

Kadence Flex offers a holistic modern solution for workspace management. Tailored to companies of all sizes, it simplifies the process of finding and booking flexible workspaces, coordinating with teams, and analyzing office usage. Kadence Flex is not just about space – it’s about optimizing how and where your team works.

Ready to streamline your workspace experience? Discover how Kadence Flex can enhance your team’s productivity and flexibility today.

Just get in touch — we’d love to show you around.

Already a Kadence customer but can’t see Kadence Flex? Get in touch with us to understand your options.